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February 2017 Newsletter

February Austin EWGA Newsletter .
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Greetings, I want to wish all of our members  a sweet and happy Valentine month💝💐🍫!

End of Year Recap.

On January 28th, we celebrated our EOY event at the Grove in Downtown Austin. About forty feisty and fun members and guests attended this event. Our event started with a scrumptious brunch, followed by chapter awards, and topped off with our guest speaker Mrs. Barbara Puett, a true Austin golf icon. I was glad to see everyone getting their daily doses of Vitamin C-mimosas were flowing (🍊 + 🍾 )...

2016 EOY Award Recipients:

Recruiter of the Year- Laurie Ben
Most Improved Golfer- Susan MacDonald
Volunteer of the Year/ LPGA Girls Golf Volunteer- Laurie Ben
Volunteer of the Year- Jennifer Karpyshyn

2016 League Awards
North league- Sandra Fitzpatrick
Central League- Darleen Gilmore
South League- Nancy Hopkins
West League- Valerie Lesak

Judi Nudelman Award- Judy Alloway
Golfer of the Year- Laurie Ben
Rookie of the Year- Mary Thoen
Girl Scout of the Year- Trish Hoener
Cheerleader of the Year- Sally Bowman

Many Thanks to our 2016 Sponsors- Hand and Stone- Teri Evans and Embassy Suites- Diane Ciehoski!
Many Thanks to Wendy Malloch for all of her years of leadership on the board! She is now officially past president.

February Go- to Golf Professional:

Barbara Puett is a former Texas State Champion and six-time Austin City Golf Champion. She is a big advocate for women golfers, and she has taught hundreds of women golfers through the years. Her teaching methods are to keep the swing "simple" and reinforcing "the fundamentals" of the golf swing. She teaches golf through the University of Texas Informal Classes, and she teaches private lessons at the Barton Creek Golf Academy. She may be reached at 512-576-9244 or barbarapuett@gmail.com.

Upcoming events:

February 26th- Lakeway Live Oak  Golf Course
March 11th- 2017 Kick Off Event and Playday at Jimmy Clay Golf Course
March 14-18th- North, South, West, and Central Leagues Start
April 8th- Game Improvement Clinic at Live Oak Country Club
April 18th and 20th- LPGA/Girls Golf -volunteers needed at Harvey Penick Golf Campus
April 27-29th- Lone Star Cup Competition at Granada Golf Course in Hot Springs, AK

Most of you know my background is in medicine, so don't forget February is national Heart ❤ month. Please go get a cardiac evaluation with your doctors, knowing your cholesterol and blood pressure is important!

We take "having fun" seriously!
Pam Garcia
2017 Austin EWGA President



The Austin Chapter volunteer leaders would like to wish all our members, and friends of the EWGA, a safe and pleasant Thanksgiving!

I can’t believe it is almost 2016, where did the year go? It is getting cooler, but hopefully everyone will be able to get a few rounds in over the winter months, with their EWGA buddies! Remember you can use EWGA.com to contact other members for golf, social events etc.
We have already had our end of year celebration and recognition (see below), and the planning for next year is starting. We will be seeking input from our members on feedback to assist in the 2016 schedule. Laurie Ben, our new Events Director already has a strong committee in place. We still need help in other areas, such as membership to help the Chapter – contact me if you want to contribute!
Recap - Star Ranch Clinic & 18 holes: Postponed from late October due to the heavy rains, the clinic with Brook Watts, followed by 18 hole play, at Star Ranch was held on Sunday November 22nd. The clinic was an excellent class on full swing (wow, my drives were incredible during the 18 holes, simple corrections on the basics – grip, alignment, finish, made all the difference!). We also had a great putting drill using wide flat rulers to ensure a true stroke (4 or 6 feet available at Lowes, they may sell out as this is a super putting aid). Brook is going to be our 2016 go-to-pro for the Chapter, with a number of our members already using her for lessons, she is very active in promoting women’s’ golf and improving your skills to make the game more enjoyable. Probably about 50degF when the clinic started, but it warmed up for the golf afterwards, everyone dressing in winter gear (layers are best). It turned out to be a beautiful autumn day for golf, crisp with blue skies, a little wind. Congratulations to Sue Anderson, Sally Bowman, Becky Collins and Wendy Malloch (missed the hole in one by ~12 inches) for closest to the pin winners. Almost all players joined us in the bar afterwards for a drink or two and a natter. The latter is used often in Scotland - if you do not know what it is – check it out on http://dictionary.reference.com/
Recap – EWGA Championship Finals: Remember our Chapter Championship back in June? Well, we had a number of winners going on to the semi-finals in Baton Rouge in July. From there 3 Chapter members (Katie Wold, Sue Anderson and Darleen Gilmore) qualified for the finals in Palm Springs, to be held late October at the Westin Mission Hills. Great job by Sue and Katie who travelled to the finals to represent the Austin Chapter – a big shout out too to Ashley Schoen who caddied for Sue! We appreciate your time and large financial commitment to make the trip to participate; we hope you enjoyed the experience!
Recap - End of Year Event & Recognition: Our 2015 Chapter celebration was held on Saturday morning of November 14th at Top Golf. With almost 40 attendees, it was great catching up with old and new friends, including guests of members, experiencing the Austin Chapter for the first time. The awards were held, then brunch, followed by golf. First of all, many thanks to all  an outstanding job at meeting our goals (yes, we do have goals and targets submitted each year to EWGA on running the Chapter).
Thanks to our 2015 Sponsors - Embassy Suites (Diane Ciehoski), and Hand and Stone (Teri Evans), your support over the years is very much appreciated to assist in subsidizing events and keeping the Chapter financially sound!

Thanks to the 2015 Director volunteers:
Ashlee Martin*             - Finance & Records
Sally Bowman              - Golf Programs (includes leagues and education)
Teri Evans                   - Member Recruitment (new members)
Ashley Schoen*           - Member Services (retention of existing members)
Sandy Wood                - Marketing (includes sponsorship)
Karol Davidson*          - Communications (web,& LPGA/USGA Girls Golf coordinator)
Shawnda Freeman      - Events & Activities (included Lone Star Cup & Chapter Championship)
        *- new to the board in 2015
Stepping down from our leadership team – Sandy Wood, Shawnda Freeman and Darleen Gilmore (Central League coordinator). We appreciate all your time and efforts for the several years you have contributed to the Austin Chapter – a big THANKS!
Awards from the Chapter:
Top Recruiter (info from EWGA national)                – Jennifer Karpyshyn
Most improved Golfer (handicap improvement)       – Lisa Koonce (2nd year in a row!)
LPGA/USGA Girls’ Golf Volunteer                            - Patricia Rainey
Volunteer of the Year                                            - Cheri Hisaw (2nd year in a row!)
League Awards (points for showing up, closest to the pin, longest drive etc):
North League              - Nancy Lubecker (1st), Sandy Fitzpatrick (2nd)
South League              - Nancy Hopkins (1st), Cheri Hisaw (2nd)
Central League            - Judy Alloway (1st), Patricia Rainey (2nd)
Monthly Saturday Eclectic play at Avery Ranch (flighted):
            Susan Belvin
            Beth Gaff
            Lisa Koonce
Member Awards (voted by the membership):
Judi Nudelman Founder Award: A long standing member (longer than one year) that demonstrates commitment, leadership and involvement with the Chapter, promoting the EWGA Vision – Sally Bowman

Golfer of the Year: A member that has had high participation in Chapter functions, good sportsmanship, loves the game of golf…does not have to be the lowest handicap or “best” player – Sandy Fitzpatrick

Rookie of the Year: A new member (first year as of September 2014) that has been active and supportive in EWGA /Chapter events – tied, Judy Alloway & Nancy Lubecker

Fun Member Awards (voted by the membership):

The 'Hoot'  - great fun/comic and enjoyable to play golf with. Nominations - Lisa Ashby, Laurie Ben, Sita Clifone-Guillot, Bonnie Davenport, Sandy Fitzpatrick, Shawnda Freeman, Pam Garcia, Cheri Hisaw,             Trish Hoener, Tania Lingor, Nancy Lubecker, Wendy Malloch, Deonna Million, Ashley Schoen, Brenda Wendel, Jill Wilcox, Sandy Wood. Winner – Ashley Schoen

The Tree Hugger- A member that seems to hit their ball into the woods/trees more than others. Nominations - Karen Chen, Becky Collins, Bonnie Davenport, Karol Davidson, Ginger Edwards, Teri Evans, Sandy Fitzpatrick, Shawnda Freeman, Pam Garcia, Kim Golden, Trish Hoener, Terry Kroenung, Nancy Lubecker, Wendy Malloch, Mary Beth McCabe, Deonna Million, Genny Pellacani, Ashley Schoen, Brenda Wendel, Sandy Wood. Winner – Ginger Edwards

Swimming with the fishes: Red or yellow water hazards, this member knows how to get their ball wet. Nominations - Judy Alloway, Laurie Ben,        Bonnie Davenport, Sandy Fitzpatrick, Shawnda Freeman, Pam Garcia, Judy Garner, Darleen Gilmore, Trish Hoener, Cindy Howard, Mel Howes, Carol Lee, Nancy Lubecker, Susan MacDonald, Stephanie Maynes, Tonia Norman, JT Thomas, Amy Whisenhunt. Winner – Bonnie Davenport

Beach Baby: Ends up in bunkers more than others & perseveres at hitting out of the sand. Nominations - Karen Chen, Bonnie Davenport, Carla Evans, Sandy Fitzpatrick, Pam Garcia, Kim Golden, Kristina Hayes, Linda Heurkins, Cheri Hisaw, Trish Hoener, Jennifer Karpyshyn, Lisa Koonce, Nancy Lubecker, Susan MacDonald, Wendy Malloch, Ashlee Martin, Jeri Pack, Amy Whisenhunt, Jill Wilcox, Cynthia Wilkinson. Winner – Wendy Malloch

Golf Lover: Eat, sleeps, golfs: a true lover of the game of golf. Nominations - Judy Alloway, Sue Anderson, Susan Belvin, Laurie Ben, Sally Bowman, Sandy Fitzpatrick, Beth Gaff, Pam Garcia, Wendy Malloch, Stephanie Maynes, Patricia Rainey. Winner – Sandy Fitzpatrick

Best Dressed on the Course: Nominations, OK, so we did not even bother asking for votes, just awarded to Sandy Fitzpatrick

Scoring Machine: Member that can putt anyone under the table. Nominations - Sue Anderson, Lisa Ashby, Linda Bal, Susan Belvin, Sally Bowman, Julie Dunn Chavez, Teri Evans, Sandy Fitzpatrick, Julie Freitag, Pam Garcia, Kristina Hayes, Jeri Pack, Patricia Rainey, JT Thomas, Cindy Tuttle, Katie Wold, Sandy Wood. Winner – Sue Anderson

19th Holer: Plays their best at the 19th hole, socializes with the golfing group. Nominations - Sita Clifone-Guillot, Teri Evans, Pam Garcia, Cheri Hisaw, Trish Hoener, Jennifer Karpyshyn, Carol Lee, Nancy Lubecker, Wendy Malloch, Ashlee Martin, Deonna Million, Ashley Schoen, Sandy Wood.  Winner (tied) – Cheri Hisaw & Sandy Wood

Congratulations to all our winners, hope you enjoyed our ‘fun’ awards!

Lastly, welcome to our 2016 volunteer Board of Directors and Chairs –
Wendy Malloch               – President
Ashlee Martin                 – Finance & Records
Sally Bowman                – Golf Programs
Teri Evans                     – Member Recruitment
Ashley Schoen               – Member Services
Beth Gaff*                     - Marketing
Karol Davidson               – Communications
Laurie Ben*                    – Events & Activities
Judy Alloway*                - Central League Chair
* - New to the position in 2016
Looking forward to 2016 - this is OUR Chapter, we can all make it better by:
Providing constructive feedback
Participating in events & fostering an inclusive environment
Volunteering, mentoring and marketing EWGA
Many thanks to everyone on a successful 2015, and even better 2016!
Growing the Membership:  Up to December 15, new members who join at the classic level can receive a $25 discount in recognition of the upcoming 25th anniversary of EWGA. AND current members who recruit a new member are entered into a drawing to win a complimentary registration to the 2016 EWGA Conference in Colonial Williamsburg, April 20-24, 2016! Invite a friend, family member or co-worker to attend a Chapter event so they can experience the fun of golf and consider joining the EWGA!
Welcome to new members – Judy Kent & Leigh Krusee – hope to see you at our social in January!

 Have a safe and enjoyable holiday season, see y'all in 2016!
Wendy Malloch
2015 President,
Austin, Tx Chapter